The Sparrow's Perch


Hello friend! Welcome! I’m so glad you found your way. Steady now, you can breathe easy here. It’s safe round these parts.

My name is Sharon, but I usually go by Skye. Books were arguably my first love in life. Along with singing pop songs very off-key.

The Sparrow’s Perch is my way of harnessing my triplet passions of graphic design, books, and writing to build a creative/productive space I call my own. Part design blog, part book (and probably personal) rambles—but all parts wayfinding and learning to discover life in the in-between.

  • As a designer: I specialize in vector illustration, and am currently open to freelance projects and commissions (shoot me an email!). I’m also unequivocally smitten with warm palettes. My secret dream is to make a living out of designing books in the future.
  • As a reader-reviewer: I advocate for stories that elevate marginalized communities. I’m particularly fond of speculative fiction that explores East/Southeast Asian culture, body positivity & queer identity. Above all, I want to help readers find books that encourage them to be unapologetically themselves.

And them’s the basics! You can read more about me and the blog in my introduction post, but either way, I hope you enjoy your time around the Perch!