The Sparrow's Perch


Hello there friend! I know the blog can feel a little all over the place sometimes, so treat this page as a road map to the kind of content I post on the Perch.

An archive of all the books I’ve read, and what I thought about them! This category may sometimes include other media like movies and podcasts (I’m like, huge on consuming media content if you couldn’t tell), but my first love will always, always be books.

I tell all about my design process and what goes into a specific piece of art! This is also the main reason that The Sparrow’s Perch exists, since I wanted to be better at documenting the in-between of idea to final art of my design process.

My more serious articles and discussion posts. Probably going to be used for my reporting work as a journalism student!

Life updates and personal stuff! These posts don’t really fit anywhere in the last three categories, and is basically also the “get to know me” tab.

These categories may wax and wane over time as I whittle down what I really want The Sparrow’s Perch to be, so I appreciate you sticking around as I figure things out!