The Sparrow's Perch

Questions? Check here!

Special thanks to Ali for helping me with this!

What programs do you use for your art?

If it’s a clean vector image, Adobe Illustrator CC.
If it’s a rougher-looking hand drawn illustration, Adobe Photoshop CC.

What do you create on?

I do own a Wacom Intuos Art, and use it a lot for my more organic illustrations. But you don’t need to own a tablet to begin designing! Most of my professional design work has been done on a regular mouse and trackpad.

Do you accept commissions?

Sometimes! I do freelance work on a rolling basis. I’m usually pretty swamped with college work and my part-time job, but shoot me an email and I’ll let you know if we can work something out!

I don’t have a pricing list up because the projects I get asked to work on tend to vary pretty wildly in scope and effort. I am generally very flexible on the money front (coughs I mean I’m affordable) and I’m especially keen on expanding my portfolio to include editorial design and publishing work.

I’m still working on my website portfolio, but you can see all my past design projects on my Behance.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Loooooots of places. My first designer crush ever was Risa Rodil, who has some of the best typography work out there. I want to be Risa when I grow up. But in general: I spend a lot of time browsing Pinterest and Dribbble (which is like Instagram for graphic designers), and just… try to absorb the aesthetics by osmosis. Which is totally how you sharpen a sense for design, yep.

For blogging, the universe would probably smack me if I didn’t mention The Quiet Pond, which is hands down one of my favorite places on the Internet. I have SO MUCH love for Xiaolong and Bao, you guys. CW is also legitimately one of the kindest and most generous people I have met, I’m so blessed to know her!

Can we be friends?