The Sparrow's Perch
Introduction & about me

Introduction & about me

Welcome to the blog, friends!

Hello! I’m so grateful for everyone who has taken time out to visit the site so far—all the support I’ve received from everyone has been so humbling and immensely uplifting.

The Sparrow’s Perch was born out of a desire to slow down a little in my own life, to make space for pausing and taking stock. There’s a quote I wrote down in my journal ages ago, a line about how our attention dictates our capacity for wonder, and that’s what I’m holding myself to in this blog as well. That hopefully by paying attention to the process and in-between of things, I’ll be able to find a little joy where I already am, instead of where I want to be.

So kick up your feet, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and stay awhile! I’m so excited to meet you. What follows is a hefty list of 20 things about me, and without further ado…

The basics

  • My favorite colors are coral and gold (#ef6d62 and #fbaa28, for the designerds out there).
  • I’ve somehow written essays on Ghibli films, Harry Potter, and Pokemon Go for my academic career? I study media + culture + journalism in college, and I’m so grateful to be doing what I do!
  • If you count dialects as a separate language, I speak at least 5 languages with varying levels of fluency. As in I can watch an entire historical Chinese drama with native subtitles, but my Japanese probably isn’t any better than a 2-year-old. I’m getting there.
  • I used to be really obsessed with the MBTI, but that’s kind of mellowed over time. I still maintain that cognitive functions are the only way to understand the indicator, though. The sliding scales on 16personalities are a sham. I’m also an ENFP.
  • My favorite food is a regional variant of a local dish called Sarawak laksa. You haven’t tried Malaysian cuisine until you’ve tried this dish, I promise. This is then followed very closely by any sort of pasta with a cream base (mmm carbonara) and ice cream waffles.

Things I’m into

  • I have 150 hours logged on Stardew Valley.
  • Brooklyn 99, The Good Place and One Day At A Time are the golden trio of modern TV comedy and I cannot be convinced otherwise.
  • I really love soft indie pop! My favorite artists at the moment are dodie and Kina Grannis. (and Owl City. who isn’t indie but WHO WOULDN’T LOVE THOSE LYRICS THO)
  • At any given moment, I’m probably watching a YouTube video. A random assortment of my all-time favorite channels would probably be vlogbrothers, Thomas Sanders, SORTEDFood, The Try Guys & Lindsay Ellis.
  • My first online fandoms were anime communities, believe it or not 👀 I always lament that I don’t watch enough anime today, but I still have a lot of love for all the stories told through the medium. My favorite ones are Haikyuu!!, Violet Evergarden, and Kimi no Na Wa.

Things I do

  • I’m a big fan of the bullet journal method. I had a spread that became kinda popular a couple of years ago, but my journal habit has been a little erratic since then.
  • I write poetry sometimes! I cannot attest to the quality of the writing but it’s… something.
  • Apparently I’m really good at getting people to read books? I’ve gotten at least 15 people to read Girls of Paper and Fire so far and it’s been a hell of a good time. Natasha Ngan should clearly hire me as her entire marketing team.
  • My most treasured memory thus far has been getting to see my name credited in a book that has quite literally changed my life.
  • I work as a community manager for an online book club called Life’s Library, and you can read more about that here!

Neither here nor there, but Very Important Information

  • My favorite pokemon is Rowlet.
  • The book that got me into English literature was an extremely worn and tattered copy of The Lightning Thief, given to me by a missionary kid I used to know when I was younger. I still have that book, even though it has fallen apart at the seams and is missing its cover.
  • I could probably live off the smell of coffee alone if I were allowed to.
  • My current goal is to work in the publishing industry once I graduate college, but my TRUE dream is to one day publish a novel of my own.

AND THAT’S 20 FACTS ABOUT ME. If you sat through that entire thing, I am extremely thankful for you and we should probably be friends if we aren’t already??? Come and talk to me pls.

Anyway, I’m so excited to finally be launching this blog! I’ve worked really hard on the setup, and I’m beyond elated to be sharing more with you guys in the days to come. Let me know if there’s a topic you want me to talk about, or a book you think I might like! Until next time, see you around the Perch <3