The Sparrow's Perch

Review Policy

Thank you very much for your interest in collaborating with me! I genuinely believe that our world is molded and revolutionized by the stories that we tell, and I would be elated to be considered for special review requests by authors or publicity teams.

The Sparrow’s Perch currently accepts review requests in both physical & e-book format. Reach out to me at or through the blog’s contact form for further information!

The Stories I Love

I will respond to every review request The Sparrow’s Perch receives (this doesn’t guarantee that I will review the book!), but I do have a track record of the genres and kinds of stories I enjoy:

  • YES — young adult/middle grade (or even new adult!), fantasy (especially ones with a diverse bent, whether in its world-building or characters), contemporary, romance (particularly queer romance!!), poetry, novels in verse
  • NO — horror (any sort), erotica, gore, hard sci-fi

Rating System

The system here at the Perch is pretty standard! I review books on a sliding scale from 1-5 stars, which includes half-stars as well.

Important things you should know:

  • Due to time constraints, I’m very particular about the books I read. So I may not be able to get to your story, and I’m really sorry about that! However, if the books is from a diverse #ownvoices author, reach out to me and I will try my best to work something out.
  • I hope to be as candid as possible with the things that I share on here, but it’s very unlikely for me to go through a story and not at least pick out one thing that I liked about it. It’s just how my brain works! I want to love the stories and worlds that I get to live in!
  • I am, however, very sensitive to bad representation in the media I consume (even if it was done in good faith) and this will no doubt reflect in the reviews that I write. Diversity means a great deal to me, and if you’re not personally interested in this kind of feedback, you may be better off looking for another reviewer.